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    Winward Casino Bonus Wagering Terms & Conditions

    Our wagering conditions are some of the best you will find at any online gaming casino! Please be advised any promotional offers you receive may be subject to different wagering/withdrawal rules. We encourage you to check the specific rules for any bonuses you may be awarded as part of a promotion. The standard bonus rules can be found below:

    1. To request a withdrawal, you must wager a minimum of 35 times the deposit amount and 35 times the corresponding Bonus amount.

    2. You must wager a minimum of 99 times the Bonus amount to request a withdrawal from free Bonus Money.

    3. You must wager a minimum of 75 times the Sign-up bonus amount, and the maximum withdrawal limit from a Sign-up Bonus is A$100. In order to request a withdrawal from a Sign-up Bonus, the Member must have at least one approved deposit transaction into his/her Account. Only the first bonus applied on the customer’s account is considered a Sign-up Bonus. The subsequent free bonuses that a Member receives before making their first deposit are not considered withdrawable.

    4. There are no wagering requirements for Cash Back Bonuses. They can be withdrawn immediately after being awarded.

    5. The wagering requirements depending on the Games played are the following:

    The contribution rate is 100% for all Slot Games;

    The contribution rate is 20% for Video Poker;

    The contribution rate is 10% for Roulette, Casino War, Mini-baccarat, Keno and Weed Whacker;

    The contribution rate is 2.5% for Blackjack.

    Contribution Rate refers to each Game’s payout mandatory amount.

    6. You have the right to request a cancellation of a Deposit Bonus, in order to avoid being subject to any wagering requirements. If you place any bets while having a Deposit Bonus in your balance, that Deposit Bonus cannot be cancelled and shall be subject to wagering requirements along with the associated Deposit.

    A Deposit Bonus is a special promotional bonus awarded to you, based on your deposit activity, constituting a percentage of the deposit back as a bonus (“Deposit Bonus”).

    7. Wagering may vary from one offer to another. It is your sole responsibility to request information about the wagering requirements which apply to the relevant offer, prior to accepting a Deposit Bonus or a free bonus.


    Deposit Bonuses

    1. A Deposit Bonus is a special promotional bonus awarded to you, based on your deposit activity, representing a percentage of the deposit back as a bonus (“Deposit Bonus”).

    2. Deposit Bonus money shall be credited only after the corresponding deposit is already credited to your cash balance.


    Bonus Money

    1. Bonus Money is an incentive that we offer to enhance your casino experience (“Bonus Money”).

    2. Free Bonus Money represents an amount awarded to you, as stipulated in a promotional offer sent to you via email or newsletters. Free Bonus Money is awarded only if you have at least one Deposit since your first login on Winward Casino.

    3. Bonus money cannot be withdrawn. It can only be used for playing Table Games (Blackjack, Roulette), Slots, Video Poker, Keno, Weed Whacker, Mini Baccarat, Casino War and Pull Tab casino Games.

    4. Should you receive more than one Promotional Bonus offer, you shall be entitled only to the first one, any other requests pertaining to the Bonus offers being declared invalid.


    Cash Back Bonuses

    1. Cash Back Bonus is a monetary reward representing a certain amount of the deposit money that has been put into the Games, which you can claim back.

    2. Cash Back Bonuses shall be credited only in cases where you lost the corresponding deposit.


    Bonus Promotions

    1. Bonus promotions are the promotions sent via email to a specific group of Customers, and some of these promotions may be posted on other sites or throughout casino forums.

    2. If we believe that a Customer was not included in a particular Bonus promotion, the bonuses shall not be awarded and no subsequent payouts shall be honored. We reserve the right to deny promotion participation without further explanation.

    3. We reserve the right to provide Customers with general Bonus promotions disregarding their eligibility; Customers shall be exempted from the Bonus offer if their Accounts do not comply with the conditions.

    4. Customers who are suspected to have Bonus-seeking patterns shall not be eligible for any Bonus promotions.

    5. Customers who have never made a deposit on their Account cannot receive more than three (3) sign-up promotions.

    6. Winward Casino reserves the right to deny more than one Bonus or close accounts due to suspicious or Bonus seeking pattern.

    25 free spins

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